Did you know that many processes in agriculture can be transformed into energy potential?

Ecological transition and corporate profitability as some of the answers to the future of agriculture. Agro-energy and agro-voltaics (solar photovoltaic systems on agricultural crops developed in accordance with new sustainable criteria) fully combine these two aspects: new business models with farming companies always at the heart of the matter, suitably backed up by the political vision contained in the National Restart and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) with appropriate economic resources for the development of agro-voltaic, agricultural bio-gas and bio-methane systems, as well as agro-solar parks.

Fieragricola 2022 will highlight these sectors, following promotion in previous editions, today called upon, together with agriculture, to respond to the major challenges of the XXI century: feed a constantly growing population and safeguard the planet, the environment, water resources, the landscape and fighting climate change.