All the latest news on the poultry farming sector in Verona from 29th January to 1st February 2020

Fieragricola, the international agriculture show, scheduled to take place in Verona from 29th January to 1st February 2020, is placing its bets on poultry farming, a strategic Made in Italy animal farming division which, on a national level, generates a turnover of over 5.7 billion Euros and a shared value of about 8 billion. The sector has chosen Veronafiere as its partner to relaunch business.

At Fieragricola, the Italian poultry farming supply chain will play a key role with a dedicated area and a varied programme of events that includes innovation, sustainability, well-being, animal disease prevention and health, labelling, training and food safety.

«Fieragricola will be focusing on poultry farming with a new and targeted approach in order to accompany the stakeholders along a professional growth path and to support Made in Italy in those challenges that are now indispensable for meeting the needs of productivity and quality improvement” says Giovanni Mantovani, General Manager of Veronafiere. “Global poultry farming growth prospects have also been proven by OECD and FAO forecasts and, in a dynamic worldwide context, Fieragricola aims to give the supply chain effective answers».

Events already programmed at Fieragricola 2020 include the «Poultry Farmer of the Year» Award to be held on Wednesday 29th January, the opening day of the 114th agriculture show in Verona, organized in collaboration with Unaitalia, the association that represents 90% of national poultry farming players. The award will be given to the best virtuous practice stories in poultry farming linked to 4 specific areas: animal well-being, environmental sustainability, technological innovation and bio-security.

Moreover, Unaitalia will also be organizing a training day with a course on animal well-being aimed particularly at chicken farmers, held by farm veterinarians, Unaitalia staff and qualified Ministry of Health veterinary teachers. The course will take a closer look at the laws in force and all the best management practices.  

Sustainability on animal breeding farms will be the central theme of the Congress organized by SIPA, the Italian Poultry Pathology Association, held in the Unaitalia area.

The legal aspects and latest news on the egg stamping system on breeding farms will also be dealt with at a meeting-conference organized at Fieragricola in view of a much-awaited update in the law.

In regard to white and pink meat, Fieragricola, in collaboration with Unaitalia, will be dedicating an area to the rabbit production chain with further information provided in collaboration with ASIC, the Italian Scientific Association of Rabbit Breeders.

And, last but not least, the poultry and pig farm worlds will come together to reflect on food safety, on the Classyfarm risk analysis system and to weigh up the situation regarding obligatory electronic prescriptions.  

The companies already registered at Fieragricola 2020. Big Dutchman, Sperotto, Lubing System, River System, Tecno-avicola, Arion Fasoli, Riva Selegg, Elettrica Faber, Völker Gmbh (Germany), Damtech Egg Handling BV (Holland), Ovo-Tech (Poland), Dion Engineering (Bulgaria), Ska, Meneghin, Tezza, Vencomatic, Corti Zootecnici, Ovorider, Giemme di Mola, Eurotunnels, Aza International, Agritech, CTS Calvinsilos, Eurosilos Sirp, Clerici, Avitec, Fiem, Victoria, Codaf, Dominion International Trading, Zootecnica International, Isa impianti, Officine meccaniche Vettorello, Cizo, Best Poultry Equipment, Aviagen, Rota Guido, Unaitalia, Meap, Avitecnica, Transtecno.