The on-line tool monitors the needs of livestock in relation to growth stages, weather conditions and metabolism

Technology and innovation move into animal farming with a single click. Dutch company Trouw Nutrition has launched an on-line app to monitor and calculate animal feed in every production stage.


Animal feed calculation

The tool is available on the website and provides answers calculated in relation to a wide range of variables and helps breeders define the ideal formulation of nutrition during reproduction, growth and finishing stages.

The app model is based on the latest scientific nutritional standards.

Calculating the optimal combination of components and the amount of feed requires manual consultation of several sources and a great many calculations. Thanks to this new service, metering operations can be performed with a single click, thereby significantly simplifying the work of livestock breeders while also ensuring fast and reliable results.


Variables and results

Thanks to latest-generation innovation, the service is able to take into account, in real time, the numerous variables making up the composition of livestock feed doses.

The system is able to “read” environmental factors such as temperature, the health status of animals and variables linked with metabolism and energy.

The final results are obtained by cross-referencing data entered by breeders with the system’s own parameters, which are based on three sources: studies conducted over the years by Trouw Nutrition’s global research centres, recent data made available by the sector, best practices and experience of the company experts who invented the tool to assist breeders.

In this way, the outcome is a detailed report complete with recommendations for dietary nutrients: vitamins, minerals, proteins, feed additives and raw materials.



Agricultural companies are increasingly interested in all aspects of innovation as regards work processes, viewing such information as essential for growth and keeping abreast of competitors.

In particular, 54.8% of farmers are interested in agricultural weather stations, 50.8% in apps and customised pest bulletins, 43.6% in precision gps systems and 43% in drones, currently only used by 2.1% of growers.


Source: Fieragricola Outlook