Maxi-ring for Holstein and Swiss Brown comparisons and focus on heliciculture (snail farming)

Livestock farming at Fieragricola involves two rings for animals as well as more international attendance (for the first time, Ireland will be the Guest Country), an impressive number of head on show and the latest technology in the sector, from automated milking robots to the ‘Carousel’ which industry giant DeLaval will present as an absolute preview in Verona 3-6 February.

There will be about 600 head of livestock awaiting visitors to Fieragricola, thanks to collaboration with the Italian Breeders’ Association and Italialleva, bulwarks of the biodiversity of Italian breeds including Piedmontese, Romagnola, Chianina, Marchigiana, Maremmana and Podolica, Grigio Alpina, Valdostana, Rendena, Bianca Reggiana and Modenese.

There will also be space for ‘international’ breeds such as Limousine, Charolaise, Holstein and Swiss Brown and the partnership with the Irish Agro-Food Agency (BoardBia), not to mention Enterprise Ireland representing the agricultural machinery industry in Ireland.

Thanks to support from AIA and individual regional associations, Fieragricola came to the fore in recent months during roadshow travelling around southern Italy, including Sicily, Campania, Apulia and Calabria (in collaboration with Mediacom Acm), for joint promotion of the international show and all the innovations for the 2016 edition – as well as to introduce the new “Si@lleva” system to producers.


All the main companies are attending

Fieragricola, on the strength of its focus in 2016 dedicated to support and relaunch of the animal farming sector, welcomes attendance – between significant returns and other companies taking even more exhibition space – of all the major sector players: De Laval, Lely, T.D.M., Enne Effe Boumatic, ADF Milking, Storti, Sitrex, Sgariboldi, Feraboli, Mixeat, Faresin, Bravo, Gonella, Almetech, Italmix, Zago, Rota Guido, Veronesi, Progeo, Lattonedil, Peruzzo, Gruppo Zeta, Agritech, Sperotto, Neuero Italiana, Lubing Systems, Wolf System, Aza International, Eurotunnels, SKA, Tecnoengineering and many others.


Double ring

The Verona Exhibition Centre will host two rings, both in Hall 9, focusing on “live” training – thanks to the involvement of many agricultural schools in the livestock assessment contests and visits to the international agriculture exhibition – as well as livestock competitions... events that are certain to grab the attention of experts.


European Open Holstein Show

Fieragricola welcomes back the 15th European Open Holstein Show, the international competition which will be one of the finest comparison events for Friesian cows. Expectations are high, given growing international involvement rise (about 230 head will take part in the contests) with entries from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain and the Netherlands - not to mention the presence of one of the world’s most important judges: American Pat Conroy.

Fieragricola will organize the event, in collaboration with Anafi, the Veneto Regional Breeders Association, and the Brescia and Bergamo Inter-Provincial Breeders Association.

Thursday 4 February (10.00) sees the Junior Show, with grooming and judging competitions for young breeders and Dairy Club members from the provincial sections of the Italian Breeders Association.

Friday 5 February, starting at 9.30, welcomes the 15th European Open Holstein Show, which continue throughout the day.


Italian Swiss Brown Cow exhibition

There is also plenty of space for the 48th National Swiss Brown Cow Stud Book Exhibition, the 11th National Italian Swiss Brown Cow Junior Show and the 20th Italian Genetic Review, organized in collaboration with Anarb, the reference association for the breed Wednesday 3 February has the livestock display and the training day for students attending agricultural institutes, with the morphological assessment contest. Thursday 4 February is the date for Swiss Brown Junior Club contests, while the spotlight on Saturday 6 is the launch of assessments for the national stud-book exhibition and the national Swiss Brown Junior Club exhibition. Just over 150 animals have been entered from all over Italy.


Robotics at Fieragricola

There will be major space for robotic milking during Fieragricola, with the most important companies in the robotics field confirming a trend coming increasingly to the fore even in Italy, especially in vie of the advantages of this technology: reduction of labour costs, control over the health status of animals and the milk quality notified to breeders through real time parameters. There are currently about 450 milking robots in Italy, with annual growth of around 30-40 units.


Genomics and conventions

Fieragricola also ensures excellent attention to specialist conferences with technical and economic focus meetings in livestock areas.

Fieragricola is home 3-5 February to the Interbull Meeting dedicated dairy cattle genomics. A closing press conference is scheduled to inform media about future projects in the field.

Wednesday 3 February (10.00-13.30 in the Gallery between Halls 6-7, Rossini Meeting Room, 1st floor): Anafi (National Friesian Breeders Association) will discuss “Genetic improvement meets breeders’ objectives”; speakers include Marco Winters of AHDB Dairy Co. (British genetic assessment centre) and Daniel Abernethy of ADHIS (Australian genetic assessment centre).

Mention must also be made of the Conference “Milk production costs in Italy and Europe” organised by the editorial staff of the L’Informatore Zootecnico and Nova Agricoltura on Thursday 4 February at 9.30 (Palaexpo Congress Centre, Salieri Meeting Room). Speakers include Fabio Del Bravo, Ismea Rural Development Services Directorate; Giacomo Sisinni, national livestock farming manager with CIA; Giorgio Apostoli, Livestock Farming manager with Coldiretti.


The return of heliciculture (snail farming)

Fieragricola also sees the return of heliciculture (snail farming), with attendance by the International Heliciculture Institute expanding the offering in the livestock section of the event. The snail farming trend in Italy is positive, with 9000 companies and an area of 10000 hectares.


Source: Fieragricola-Veronafiere Press Service