The future of farmers in Verona (even looking for wives)

3-6 February sees the world of agriculture meet at Fieragricola in Verona, where latest innovations and curiosities in the primary sector will be on show.


The self-driving tractor

Innovations at the 112th edition of the international agriculture exhibition also include autopilots for tractors. The software is presented by Arvatec (Srl (Hall 6, stand E1) and helps control any activity (from the route to previous action stored in memory), without the operator having to intervene in any way.



Technological innovation also conquers the skies of Fieragricola with drones – in Outside Area A, the demo area and the static display in Hall 2. According to MIT Boston, drones in agriculture will take first place among the 10 innovations that will mark a turning point in the future. Remotely piloted systems allow monitoring and mapping of fields from above, helping to combat the European corn borer, detect plant stress and define the distribution of pesticides. A technological revolution for precision agriculture that will also cut costs by 75 to 400 euros per hectare.


Numbers and big data

Key element of precision farming remain the ‘big data’ relevant fact of the digital economy, whose analysis will set the agriculture of the future who will be devoted the Conference of Anga Confagricoltura, scheduled for Wednesday, 3 February at 15.30, in Room A of the Gallery between halls 11 and 12.


Milk carousel

For the first time in Italy, Swedish multinational DeLaval will present its rotary robot-controlled platform capable of performing 1600 milkings/day while also analysing milk quality in real time. The plant is called DeLaval Automatic Milking Rotary and is on show in Hall 11, stand F5.


Men who whisper to vineyards

The area dedicated to vineyards (Hall 4) even has a set-up with vineyard rows for demonstrations of branched pruning, the invention of international stars Marco Simonit and Pierpaolo Sirch. This practical solution improves lymphatic flow, thereby increasing plant productivity, grape quality and profitability.


Budding biologists

Hall 2 at Fieragricola – in the laboratory area set up in collaboration with L’Informatore Agrario – visitors can become biologists for a while and observe under the lens of optical microscopes complete with cameras the pests affecting crops, the sworn enemies of plant health and company profits.


Farmers looking for wives

Live on the FOXLife channel on the SKY platform, Fieragricola 2016 welcomes the casting event for the second season of the TV reality show helping single farmers and breeders throughout Italy find their soul mates. The appointment for all candidates (this year the program also welcomes lady farmers) is in Hall 9 on 5-6 February.  


Miss Farm

Fieragricola becomes a catwalk for exceptional “models”. The best examples of cows, ponies, sheep and goats will compete in a full-scale beauty contest for the first Miss Farm title. The event, organised by Coldiretti in collaboration with the Italian Breeders Association, is scheduled on 3 February in Hall 9 dedicated to livestock exhibitions and competitions starting at 9.30. The goal is to promote and enhance some of the most rare and unusual breeds at risk of extinction in Italian stables.


As fast as snails

Fieragricola (Hall 12, stand B3) also welcomes the International Institute of Heliciculture based in Cherasco (Turin). It will illustrate opportunities in a sector in Italy boasting about 9000 companies and an overll area of 10000 hectares. Opportunities are rapidly emerging for the Italian sector, which is indicated as a model for 1500 centres in the Mediterranean region (Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Greece, Portugal and Spain), as well as Slovenia, Poland and Lithuania. Alongside food purposes, in fact, over the last three years there has been growing demand for snail secretions used in pharmacology as an anti-inflammatory product as well as in cosmetics as an anti-radical and anti-wrinkle agent, as well as to remove dead skin cells and skin imperfections.


Source: Fieragricola-Veronafiere Press Service