It will be held in Sicily, during Enovitis in Campo, the exhibition for specialized vineyard technologies. International experts for a special “Expo off-site event” - supported by the Region, also coordinating the Cluster "Bio-Mediterraneo" - to take stock of the state-of-the art of organic wine.

Wine will also find wide space within Bio-Mediterraneo, the cluster coordinated by the Sicily Region at Expo 2015, which will gather 12 countries overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, all of them having a thousand-year old food culture in common.

In June, a month after the official opening of Expo, Sicily will host the “General Convention of the major growers and traders of Organic Wine”

Organized in cooperation with Unione Italiana Vini and coordinated by Corriere Vinicolo, the official information magazine of UIV, it will take place within the 10th edition of Enovitis in Campo (5-6 June 2015, Baglio Biesina, Marsala - Trapani).
This is the information event, organized by Unione Italiana Vini and Veronafiere-Fieragricola, addressed to the professionals of the wine growing sector which offers different activities: field tests of machines and equipment, seminars, conferences, information event days and dedicated publications.

It is no coincidence that Italy, and Sicily in particular, want wine to play the starring role in the spotlight of Expo: with its 67,000 farmed hectares, Italy ranks third in the world with regard to vine-grown surface planted   according to the standards of organic farming. Sicily is the overall leading region, with over 25,000 hectares, corresponding to around 40% of the total, and with a production of 1.2 million quintals of grapes, equal to 23% of the national total amount.

At the “General Convention of the major growers and traders of Organic Wine” there will be experts in organic production issues coming from all over the world. The health conditions of the worldwide organic vineyard will be evaluated and, moreover, different production techniques and regulations will be compared. Nevertheless, the attention will be especially focused on the markets to understand if the organic product – and its strong appeal to the topic of sustainability – still has growth margins.

The Sicily Region really wanted to host Enovitis in Campo granting the event its sponsorship and a special location: the event will be held at the historical Azienda Vitivinicola Baglio Biesina, owned by the Region, one of most ancient and prestigious “bagli” (typical antique constructions in the countryside of Sicily), which dates back to the early 1900. It is located within an area that is really important for the Sicilian wine-growing production: the “Marsala Wine Route” that connects the town of Marsala to Salemi, a territory given over to enology thanks to its clay soil and its hot-humid climate.

Source: Unione Italiana Vini