CEO Giovanni Mantovani: "A strategic agreement between Siam and an Italian Exhibition Centre
for the first time ever"

The event is scheduled in Rabat next 18-23 April Fieragricola, Veronafiere's exhibition dedicated to the primary sector, has signed a long-term agreement for the exclusive management of the 'Italy Area' at Siam, Morocco's international agriculture exhibition. The event is scheduled in Rabat next 18-23 April.

'The agreement,' said Giovanni Mantovani, CEO of Veronafiere, 'helps us strengthen our presence in North Africa in the agro-food sector, one boasting historic, high-volume trading relationships between Mediterranean countries.  We are also delighted to be the first ever Italian exhibition organizer to sign such a strategic partnership agreement with Siam.'

Discussions between the trade fair organizers began a year ago and intensified after the visit of a delegation headed by the Commissioner-General of Siam, Jaouad Chami, to the 112th edition of Fieragricola in February 2016. This partnership is very important recognition for Veronafiere and Fieragricola, not the least – following meetings held in Rome at the FAO headquarters and the Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture  – because Italy was named Country of Honour at Siam.

One of the key points in the memorandum of understanding envisages a series of visits by all delegations from African countries attending the 12th edition of the International Agriculture Exhibition in Morocco.


Siam: facts and figures In 2016, Siam occupied an exhibition area of 172,000 square metres (80,000 inside). 1,220 exhibitors attended from 63 countries, attracting over one million visitors and 21 international delegations.

As a broad-ranging agricultural event, just like Fieragricola in Verona, Siam involved 330 product cooperatives and 2,734 head of livestock; 32 conferences were organized and 37 trophies were awarded. This was impressive press coverage thanks to attendance by 447 journalists.


Presentation in Verona 'In response to demand, during the fifth edition of the Fieragricola Best Seller Award next 8 February,' said Luciano Rizzi, Agriexpo & Technology Area Manager at Veronafiere, 'we will provide companies with fully detailed information about attendance at Siam.' The email address exhibitors@fieragricola.comis already available for companies keen to pre-register.


The 'Maroc Vert Plan' With its Green Plan for Agriculture valid through to 2020, Morocco aims to support one of the most representative aspects of its economy. The primary sector provides employment for around 4 million people, equivalent to 45% of the total workforce, and covers 19% of the country's GDP, with 15% from agriculture and 4% from foods.

The project aims to boost the value of agricultural output from 6.5 to 9 billion euros and exports (from 800 million to 4.5 billion), by providing annual resources coming to more than 1 billion euros.

The numerous opportunities supporting private investment in agriculture include the 'Maroc Vert Plan' with subsidies of 80-100% for the purchase of irrigation systems; 30-70% for the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment; 350-445 euros per head of cattle and 64-75 euros per head of sheep. Similar aid is also provided for processing agricultural raw materials.

The intention of King Mohammed VI unequivocally focuses on innovation in agriculture, so much so that early this year incentives were announced to promote new irrigation technologies as a key to growth in this sector. 


Article Source: Servizio Stampa Fieragricola-Veronafiere