Looking ahead to the International Agricultural Technologies Show (31 January - 3 February) Livestock farming events.

The Italian Brown Cattle Breeders' Association (ANARB) celebrates its 50th National Brown Herdbook Show at Fieragricola, the International Agricultural Technologies Show, which will take place in Verona from 31 January to 3 February.

ANARB has also scheduled many other events at Fieragricola: the 13th National Bruna Junior Club Show, the presentation of the 'LATTeco' project, the first exhibition of the Italian Bruna Originaria (Brown) breed (internationally known as Original Braunvieh). The exhibition and presentation will only involve the registered Bruna Originaria breed and will include about ten animals born in Italy, with at least one generation registered.

More specifically, the main day of evaluation is scheduled for Saturday 3 February in Hall 10, in the ring. To date, more than 200 beef cattle have been entered for the National Exhibition.

'We wanted to organise a series of events that show the long-standing close relationship between the Italian Brown Cattle Breeders' Association and Fieragricola, the prestigious showcase for livestock farming. Therefore, we have strengthened our presence, expanding events based on breeders' needs. We would also like to confirm, for Fieragricola 2020, an official European comparison by country, in which the representative breeds of the various European countries will be compared. It will be a highly prestigious event,' comments the President of ANARB, Pietro Laterza.


Italian Dairy Sale

Another event eagerly awaited by breeders is the national auction, which will sell five lots of high-quality Italian Brown beef cattle. The auction is scheduled for 2 February at 6pm in Hall 10. The animal auction confirms the great progress that has been made in cattle, largely due to genomic research, a science that is able to improve the selection of beef cattle. It not only aims to optimize production in terms of quality rather than quantity but also makes aspects such as longevity, resistance to disease and sustainability more efficient.



The 'LATTeco' project

On 2 February at 10am in Hall 1, room 1, the event 'ANARB present and future: from the 50th anniversary to the LATTeco project' will take place. It will end with the “Una Vita in Fiera” award for major breeders taking part in past national trade shows.
On this occasion, the progress will be illustrated of the 'LATTeco' project, launched in May 2017 and implemented as part of sub-measure 10.2 of the Rural Development Programme for Biodiversity, which ANARB and ANAFI (National Italian Association of Holstein Breeders) have joined.
The aim is to combine the productivity of dairy cattle breeds with the introduction of selective sustainable models, with a focus on animal welfare, preserving breed biodiversity and limiting the environmental impact of livestock production.

The 'LATTeco' project is financed by the European Union, with the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies responsible for coordination and management. 


Source: Fieragricola News