The project, conceived by Trattori & LifeGate, will be presented next 3 February during Fieragricola. Fabio Zammaretti (Vado & Torno Edizioni): “Central issues in the sector. Our parameters adapted to machines of all sizes”

Environmental sustainability is an issue that increasingly affects all types of company

This is all the more true for companies that build vehicles which are among the main culprits of environmental pollution. In this context, it is essential to measure the impact of certain items of machinery. In the agricultural tractor field, the Mobility Revolution Tractor was created for this precise purpose.


Set in motion thanks to cooperation between Trattori Magazine, the first in Italy dealing with agricultural mechanisation, and LifeGate, the project will be presented next 3 February during Fieragricola, the event entirely dedicated to the world of agriculture, to an audience of experts and interested parties. “Our goal,” Fieragricola Post was told by Fabio Zammaretti of Vado & Torno Edizioni, the publishing house behind the trade magazine, “is to focus the attention of experts on the topic of sustainability, which is of considerable current interest. This is why we wanted to create an identical assessment parameter for all tractors.”


Working together with LifeGate has been fundamental, since its network boasts a community of about 5 million users. It is a full-scale landmark for the sustainable development of people and businesses, a meeting place and means of spreading awareness and new lifestyles, even in the world of mobility. This project will offer motorists the opportunity to evaluate, through direct comparisons, the features that best define a car’s sustainability: technological innovation, type of traction, safety, driving comfort and peace of mind, type of engine, gearbox, electronic systems and safety aids. Even aspects not previously taken into much consideration beforehand, such as weight, footprint, height, power-to-weight ratio and investments in sustainability by the car-builder are become included among criteria for choosing a car for private citizens and companies alike.


“After the presentation of Mobility Revolution Tractor at Fieragricola,” Zammaretti goes on, “the index as such will be published in our magazine between next April and May and will be available for all types of tractors, from small models for vineyard to larger ones for work in open fields. I would like to emphasise that when we mention about sustainability, we refer not only to the environment but also to vehicle safety. I think we can genuinely talk of a full-scale revolution in the sector.”


This is a kind of rating that – for the first time – extends to the entire vehicle and its design, with an assessment starting off from the technical and technological expertise gained by Trattori combined with the skills as regards sustainability and environmental impact issues that have always been part of LifeGate’s DNA. A blend of knowledge that has enabled the development of a standard set to become a landmark in coming years.


Source: Fieragricola Outlook