It is made with waste materials and uses much less water. The international consortium also includes Enea, La Sapienza University and Astra

Transform waste materials into resources, improve performance and reduce the use of water

All with a single fertilizer. The new product is called Resafe and is the outcome of an international consortium that also involved Italy. It is made from compost, poultry waste and biomass residues.


Totally ‘green’ fertilizer that converts waste into a resource has been developed thanks to European funds covering half the expenditure involved: one million three hundred thousand euros. The mix of compost, poultry manure, biochar (the residue left after biomass is used) and vegetal active ingredients acts on crops and the ground alike, helping to combat erosion and soil compaction.


Italy played a significant role in this invention that promises to improve soil fertility and ensure significant savings of water resources. The international consortium that worked on the Life+Resafe project included Enea, La Sapienza University, Astra Innovazione e Sviluppo. Cyprus-based company Enia Rdi Ltd and the Spanish Research Institute Cebas-Csic also worked on the project.


“We have developed,” explained the project spokesperson for Enea, Alice Dall’Ara, “a product that increases water retention in the soil and the nutrients supplied to plants; it also reduced the salt content of the soil thanks to biochar and restores its structure, thereby reducing the risk of erosion. The ‘Italian’ version of the fertilizer has an additional 3% nitrogen content and struvite has also been formed, a compound containing nitrogen and phosphorus that helps reduce pollution of groundwater.”


Source: Fieragricola Outlook