Focus on customers and the quality of raw materials: the case of Berti Macchine Agricole

The company based in the province of Verona has been a leader in shredders for over 50 years. Filippo Berti: “Fieragricola is extremely important. It is an historical and traditional event that we have always attended in a rather special way”

Tradition and innovation are often fundamental aspects behind the success of certain products, such as those in the agricultural machinery sector. The continuous search for improvement and the adaptation of equipment to the difficulties of the land in relation to changes affecting the climate and the environment means that the entire sector is always and developing. Staff at Berti Macchine Agricole are very well aware of all this. Founded over 50 years ago in the province of Vicenza, the company specialised over time in shredders designed for professional upkeep and clearance of crop areas.


Today, the Berti company offers a range comprising over 500 models for all types of crop and land for mounting on all tractors or excavators

“We build and market agricultural machinery,” Filippo Berti, the owner of the company, told Fieragricola Post. “Our experience means that we can continue to develop new machines increasingly capable of meeting the needs of our customers: starting off from the quality of raw materials, efficiency and the results of work in the field through to a comprehensive after-sales service. We feel it is essential to listen to the requests of our customers and finalise new, efficient, competitive and durable solutions.”


New technologies go arm in arm with successful recipes from the past. This has helped us create new solutions that will soon be on the market. We are designing new models for cleaning road embankments and the spaces between rows as well as new types of fixed and folding stubble cultivators,” said Berti. “In addition, we are redesigning our range of hydraulic forestry scrub clearing machines for applications with earth moving equipment.”


The main goal of these new models is to achieve expansion into new markets. “We are keen to consolidate markets where we are already operating and also to sell our machinery in developing countries such as South and East Asia, Russia and South America, which for us are very important areas to focus on in the future,” added Ivan Bianchi, Export Manager.


Berti will exhibit at the coming edition of Fieragricola in Verona next 3-6 February. “Fieragricola is extremely important. It is an historical and traditional event that we have always attended in a rather special way,” concluded Filippo Berti. “It is a national event held every two years at the beginning of the farming season where innovative solutions able to capture the attention of visitors must be presented.”


Berti Macchine Agricola


Source: Fieragricola Outlook
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