B2B mission with Vinpro focused on vineyard and orchard techniques

Mission in South Africa for Fieragricola, the international agriculture show. From 2nd to 4th October, thanks to the partnership with Vinpro for «Fieragricola South Africa – B2B for the vineyard and orchard tech industries», a highly-awaited trade mission is to be held, taking the very best Made in Italy technologies for vineyard and orchard operations to the Western Cape province.   

«South Africa and the entire African continent» the General Manager of Veronafiere, Giovanni Mantovani, said, «will be the core of Fieragricola internationalization policies in Verona from 29th January to 1st February since the country is an extremely dynamic export hub for the whole of sub-Saharan Africa».

The mission. 12 companies will be taking part in the follow-up event at Veronafiere with a specialized offer of equipment, systems and products for vine cultivation: Argo Tractors-Landini (official tractor partner), Agrimaster-Demetra, Bgroup, Carraro Agritalia, Celli, Dondi, Grena, Ideal, La Cruz, Orizzonti, Polimetal, Vignetinox.

Specific trials in the field are programmed in order to see the sophisticated air blast sprayers, cultivators, harrows, inter-row trimmers, machines for green manure and stalk crushers in operation and to have first-hand experience of the quality of the blades, springs and other accessories, stakes, power tools and bio-stimulants.

The event will be a major networking and educational opportunity and promote a profitable exchange of experience and know-how between all the sector’s expert insiders. Together with their own importer, Italian companies already operating in South Africa will meet agents, wine growers, winery owners, producers, oenologists and agronomists. Instead, those still without an importer, will have the chance to present their technologies and find their own representative.

The South African economy and agriculture. South Africa’s GDP is growing (forecasts for the 2010-2021 period are +1.8%) and the primary sector is one of the country’s economic pillars with various opportunities in terms of capital investment, training, machinery, tools and services.  

The agri-food industry is one of the South African government’s priorities in terms of technology transfer and boosting the local employment market.

South African agriculture features about 40,000 commercial farming companies (those with a surface area of more than 1,000 hectares) and 3,145 wine companies. Farming employs 5.6% of the total labour force.

Collectively, farmland amounts to about 97 million hectares with vineyards covering a surface area of 120,000 ha.

South Africa has a medium-high level of farming mechanization intensity with figures on the increase (+17% in the 2005-2015 period), equal to 771 tractors for every 100,000 ha. Livestock production represents an overall 44% of the industry’s production value showing a 14% growth rate from 2006-2016. Agricultural production amounted to 16.5 billion dollars with the added value coming to 8 billion dollars (in 2017).

Livestock farming is widespread and features good bio-diversity with over 28 million sheep and goats, 13 million cattle, 1.5 million pigs, 486,000 horses, 175 million poultry.

Relations with Italy. Trade with Italy is on the increase. South Africa imported 6.7 million Euros of agricultural products in 2018, 14% more compared to the previous year, while farming produce exports stood at 163.6 million Euros showing a 37% increase between 2017 and 2018.

On the food front, Italy exported products for almost 117 million Euros (+8% compared to 2017), while South Africa’s food exports to Italy came to 25.7 million Euros (-35% compared to 2017).

In 2018, South Africa purchased 199 million Euros worth of tractors and spent 480 million Euros on other agricultural machinery. In this context, Italy is the leading supplier in terms of tractors (19% of the market share, equivalent to 37.2 million Euros, +7% compared to 2017) and fifth for agricultural machinery (6% of market share worth 28.3 million Euros, +3 per cent).

Italy is also exporting more machinery for the food & beverage industry with 19.6 million Euros worth of machinery being shipped in 2018 (+21% compared to 2017).

Good growth prospects. The primary sector is one of South Africa’s economic pillars offering various opportunities in terms of capital investment, training, machinery, tools and services. In view of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) signed with the European Union, further opportunities are expected for Italian export, particularly in reference to agro-food machinery.