The Consortium representing the Italian agriculture biogas production and gasification sector

CIB - Italian Biogas and Gasification Consortium

CIB is the first voluntary organisation that brings together companies producing biogas and syngas from renewable sources (largely agricultural biomass) and companies or industries supplying equipment and technology, as well as Authorities and Institutions that contribute in various ways to the attainment of social goals.
CIB is a technical tool promoted by producers for producers and operates on a nationwide scale; it represents the Italian agriculture biogas production and gasification sector.
CIB aims to be the technical landmark in the biogas and gasification sector with the aim of providing effective information to members of the consortium and institutions in order to improve production process management and guide decisions concerning national, regional and local regulations. The intention is to spread the “biogasFattobene” concept and achieve national 2020 renewable energy targets.


Piero Gattoni


CIB's business and service network offers expertise and professionalism to help achieve several objectives:
- promote the development of biogas and gasification co-generation to ensure an effective contribution to the production of renewable energy and help Italy achieve objectives set at EU level in relation to “Kyoto Protocol” indications;
- provide guideline technical proposals for incentive and management regulations through comparisons with the various members of the supply chain as well as external European, national and local Organisations and Authorities;
- contribute to the optimisation of production processes through increased efficiency in plant management, with a view to environmental and economic benefits, thanks to dialogue and discussion between the various agricultural, industry and research & development institutes belonging to CIB;
- support and encourage environmental sustainability (reduction of CO2 emissions), agronomy (Nitrates Directive) and economic aspects (income support) through aid and promotion of integration between traditional faming and animal farming activities and agro-energy operations;
- contribute to innovation in the biogas sector as a unifying force between members and support technology transfer in order to encourage the development of increasingly rational biogas energy exploitation technologies (e.g.: bio-methane);
- contribute to economic and social development through the direct and indirect creation of new jobs and the development of local areas, in line with demand for multi-functionality in agriculture and the challenges of the Common Agricultural Policy.


CIB - Italian Biogas and Gasification Consortium
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