An increasing number of people in Italy believe the primary sector and rural areas are fundamental for the future: all the results of the Eurobarometer survey

The vast majority of Italians think that agriculture is important for the future. This emerges from an analysis of the results of the Eurobarometer survey conducted by the EU involving a sample of 28,000 people interviewed in 28 member states.

95% of Italians (up by 3%compared to 2013) believe that agriculture and rural areas are “very important” or “fairly important” for our future.

Concerns expressed by of respondents also include environmental protection: 36% of Italians (compared to a European average of 30%) believe that it must become one of the main responsibilities of farmers.


Eurobarometer: CAP in the spotlight

The spotlights focus on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), perceived by Italians as a landmark helping new generations enter the primary sector. Nine out of ten Italians (compared to the EU average of 84%) involved in the Eurobarometer survey, agree with the priorities of “encouraging young people to enter the agricultural sector by developing research and innovation”.

However, fewer Italians now view the CAP as beneficial for all European citizens (68%, down by seven points since 2013). This feeling is shared across the EU, where unanimous acceptance of the CAP was expressed only by 62% of respondents (significantly down from 77% for the last survey).

Italian and European citizens, on the other hand, are on the same wavelength (88% of respondents) as regards the importance of strengthening the role of farmers in the food chain and investments in rural areas to stimulate growth and new jobs.


Eurobarometer: environment, climate and income

Climate and environment are among the most important factors for nine out of ten Italians. 90% of respondents are in favour of the EU subsidies offered to farmers to implement agricultural practices that benefit the environment.

The Eurobarometer survey also highlighted a desire to increase or in any case not decrease the income aid received by farmers, one of the most representative items in the EU’s overall budget (coming to 40%).

While 69% of Italians currently think that subsidies are “fair” or “too low”, for the coming few years there is a growing percentage (+2%) among those who think that financial support for farmers should increase or at least remain at current levels. 


Source: Fieragricola Outlook