Österreichischer Biomasseverband

The Austrian Biomass Association.


The 4th Central European Biomass Conference from 15th - 18th of January 2014 (www.cebc.at), is an excellent platform for the exchange of information and experiences. The Conference is organized by the Austrian Biomass Association.

The focus of the conference is the networking of both, Western and Eastern Europe as well as fromEuropeto the rest of the bioenergy world. Workshops, B2B meetings and the conference dinner offer the best networking opportunities. For companies and organizations, participation in “Biomass Business Talks” allows you to select your own meeting partners and to conduct up to 8 B2B meetings in one afternoon. The latest technologies and developments will be presented by leading manufacturers in the industry forum. A special ' Pellet Day' and a workshop on global markets give the conference a special international flair.

With 15 sessions with 130 speakers we ensure to cover an exceptionally large variety of subjects. Topics from bio-heat to fuel logistics and preparation to energy crops to new markets for biomass will be discussed.

The social highlight of the conference is the gala dinner, where the whole bioenergy industry will get together.


Austrian Biomass Association

Franz Josefs-Kai 13
A-1010 Wien
Tel. +43 1 533 07 97 - Fax +43 1 533 07 90

Website: www.biomasseverband.at
E-mail: office@biomasseverband.at


Hannah Hatos

E-mail: hatos@biomasseverband.at

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